Accepted scientific articles

Full papers

  • Sebastian Kurowski and Fabina Dietrich:    Response and Cultural Biases in Information Security Policy Compliance Research
  • Steffen Schwalm: A service for the preservation of evidence and data – a key for a trustworthy & sustainable electronic business
  • Pritam Dash, Christof Rabensteiner, Felix Hoerandner and Simon Roth: Towards Privacy-Preserving and User-Centric Identity Management as a Service
  • Georg Wagner, Olamide Omolola and Stefan More: Harmonizing Delegation Data Formats
  • Moritz Horsch, Johannes Braun and Johannes Buchmann: Password Assistance
  • Sven Wagner, Sebastian Kurowski, Uwe Laufs and Heiko Roßnagel: A Mechanism for Discovery and Verification of Trust Scheme Memberships: The Lightest Reference Architecture
  • Lothar Fritsch and Nurul Momen: Derived Partial Identities Generated from App Permissions
  • Lothar Fritsch:    Privacy dark patters in identity management
  • Tobias Wich, Detlef Hühnlein and Daniel Nemmert: Towards secure and standard-compliant implementations of the PSD2 Directive
  • Ilirjana Ajazaj and Sebastian Kurowski: An explorative approach on the impact of external and organizational events on information security

Short papers

  • Daniel Träder, Alexander Zeier and Andreas Heinemann: Design and Implementation Aspects of Mobile Derived Identities
  • Jens-Matthias Bohli, Aljoscha Dietrich, Ronald Petrlic and Christoph Sorge: Payment Tokens for the IoT
  • Matthias Winterstetter and Sebastian Kurowski: A meta-heuristic for access control test data creation in access control model testing
  • Nicolas Fähnrich and Michael Kubach: Open ecosystem platforms for assistants and IoT-devices: a look into corporate practive
  • Andrea Horch, Uwe Laufs and Rachelle Sellung: A Semantic Data Model for the Development of Secure and Valuable Software
  • Uwe Laufs and Heiko Roßnagel: Towards a Smart Assistant for Enterprise Availability Management



A detailed program will follow in August.


Conference details

  • Registration, all sessions and coffee breaks are placed in building 21. Please come to the 3rd floor for registration!
  • Lunch will be served at the “Solsta Inn” cafeteria in building 1, room 1B243 (next to the library building) – there you’ll see the cafeteria!